Auckland Amusement Parks

In the city of Auckland, there are not only forests, green areas and reserves, but also amusement parks, where you can go with friends or the whole family. The largest among these parks is the Rainbow's End, which contains various attractions - carousels, swings and slides. Adults and children will visit the very heart of the mountains, driving through waterfalls, go karting, sailing on boats or pirate ships. Young children will find themselves in the land of fairytale castles, and on weekends they can see festive performances. Entrance fees for adults are NZ $ 39, for children $ 18-24 (depending on age).

If you enjoy horror movies, you should take a walk in Spookers Park, where the Horror Forest, Haunted House, Paranoia Labyrinth and Corn Labyrinth are open for you. In addition, Fear Tours are organized in this park on weekends. A visit to 1 attraction in the park costs 20 dollars, two attractions - 35 dollars, three - 55.

Traveling on a narrow gauge railway becomes an excellent entertainment for vacationers in New Zealand for the whole family. For as little as NZ $ 7, you can take the historic train journey. At stops along the way, you can play on the playground, walk in the woods or look at an old farm and feed its inhabitants - from goats, rabbits, exotic kun-kun pigs, and many other animals.

New Zealand thrived on its excellent flocks of sheep. You can see the shepherd dogs by visiting the SheepWorld farm. At the interactive exhibition, you can see each of the stages of obtaining excellent sheep wool from New Zealand, and at the performances with the participation of sheep and dogs, you will see the intelligence and intelligence of the animals.

Traveling to New Zealand is a chance to get straight into Tolkien's novel, to the picturesque lands of Middle-earth. This country really has a special fantastic atmosphere. Her whole appearance is surprising and captivating. Volcanoes and mountains, vast parks and forests, towering waterfalls and wild beaches are Maori lands where time goes by very differently. New Zealand private tours are becoming more and more popular every year. As a rule, there are very few group tours to the country and therefore it is popular to book individual excursions to the cities of New Zealand, combining them with a beach holiday in Fiji. The economy of New Zealand is based on only "three pillars": education for foreigners, agriculture and tourism. For true nature lovers, traveling to New Zealand will be an enchanting solo travel experience. Welcome to the fabulous world of New Zealand, a land for sophisticated travelers. And do not forget about the real extreme, which will be pleasantly surprised by the huge number of amusement parks.

Interesting facts about New Zealand

This country is considered one of the most beautiful and interesting to travel. And for good reason. Here are some interesting facts about New Zealand: Kiwi is not the name of a fruit. This is the name of the little birds and ... the aborigines, the inhabitants of the islands. Any part of the state is located no further than one hundred and thirty kilometers from the ocean. The fact is that the country's territory itself occupies only seven percent of the entire continent of Zealand. Everything else is submerged earth. The country is considered one of the safest in the world. She also ranks second after Denmark in the list of the least corrupt.

The nature of New Zealand is unique objects that have no analogues in the whole world. Confirmation of this is the Blue Lake. Its waters are recognized as the most transparent on the planet. The one-of-a-kind carnivorous snails called Powelliphanta also live here. Residents and guests of the country have the opportunity to be the first in the world to meet the dawn of a new day. The state apparatus has the post of Minister for Lord of the Rings Affairs. This is how popular movie locations are.

The territory of this state in Oceania is a continuous natural monument. Among them are man-made objects, which are also breathtaking. But among all this diversity, there are the main attractions of New Zealand: Hobbiton Village - Filming "The Lord of the Rings" left behind many tourist sites. The creators of the picture knowingly chose this country, because it is here that there is a certain fabulous atmosphere and regal nature. Isn't it a fantasy Middle-earth? Hobbiton Village is carefully guarded. You can still see hobbit houses and other decorations. Waitomo Caves - These are 150 caves that are a million or more years old. Fantastic fireflies live deep in them, which illuminate the way for tourists.

Odyssey sensory maze

20 NZK

Mind Junction Family Park

22 NZK

Crystal Mountain Amusement Park

25 NZK

Alpine Aqualand Swimming Pool

30 NZK

Rocket Ropes amusement park

28 NZK

Tamaki Heritage Village

37 NZK