Terms of use

1. The site is a platform for the publication of offers for the sale of goods by the Seller.
2. The information on the Seller's goods, the conditions of purchase, prices and any other information of the Seller are accurately displayed on the Site information on the Site relating to Goods, Seller, Content, and other terms of the Site and the legal relationship between the parties to this Agreement serve only as a supplement to the terms of this Agreement. In case of any conflict of information on the Site with the terms of this Agreement, the terms of the Agreement shall prevail and will be applicable.
3. This agreement is an Agreement Public (offer) and is aimed at an indefinite number of people regardless of status (person natural person, natural person - entrepreneur, legal person) wishing to purchase goods, whose information is contained on the Site. As this Agreement is a public offer, by accessing the materials of the Site, the User / Buyer is considered to have adhered to this Agreement.
4. The information on the products are displayed on the Site and are dynamic. This means that the information can be updated, modified and integrated by the Administration at any time without prior notice to the User. Some changes take effect after their publication on the Site and apply to any order carried out after their publication.
5. By ordering the goods on the Site, the Buyer accepts all the terms of this Agreement and its Annexes.
6. This Agreement may be entered into by an individual who has at the age of 18, has full legal capacity, that you use this Site and / or its individual tools, who has accepted the terms of the Agreement and fully assumes the obligations deriving from its use of the Site and the conclusion of this Agreement.
7. This Agreement governs the User's access to the information published on the Site, the use of the Site, as well as the possibility of transferring goods and other conditions.
8. In case of error of acceptance sent, the Parties have the right to modify the conditions only in case of timely mutual communication of this error.
9. The offer on the Site is not an offer. However, the Buyer, after reviewing the Offer, has the right to make an offer to the Seller selecting the goods and filling out the form in the "Order" section. The compilation of a given form is considered an offer by the Buyer to the Seller to purchase the goods in question at conditions specified in the Offer. The Seller has the right to make an offer to the User not registered, and must correctly enter all the necessary data in the "Order" form on the Site.
10 The offer is considered accepted by the Seller (acceptance) if the latter has carried out actions that indicate acceptance of the Buyer's offer, that is: has actually shipped the goods to compliance with the terms of the Buyer's offer or provided access and the ability to download content through your personal account.
11. Upon receipt of the Buyer's offer, the Seller has the right to offer the purchase of the goods under conditions other than those provided from the Buyer's offer. If so, such an offer is considered a counter offer and must be accepted by the Buyer. Acceptance of the counter offer is in fact payment, receipt by the party of the Buyer / Recipient of the goods under the conditions set out in the counter offer. The seller has right to withdraw from this counter offer until payment and delivery of the goods.
12. Sufficient proof of acceptance of the offer by part of the Seller or the counter offer (i.e. agreement between the Parties of all the essential conditions of sale of the goods) is its actual payment, receipt of the goods by the Buyer \ Recipient.